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The Lie of Death

Updated: May 6, 2020


What is "death"?

Let's explore...

Death is something, an event that we must all experience one day.

We will, from one vantage point or another... It's inevitable.

Death is not an ending. It is rather a new beginning just like life.

The energy that drives our bodies day after day arrived within our bodies at a predetermined time. Some of us are aware of this fact, and unfortunately,

some of us are not.

When this energy exits the body, you are no longer available. You left your body. You are no longer inside. That energy that was just animating your body is YOU. Call it what you want, energy, essence, spirit, soul... There are many labels for what you are.

The truth is that you are and have always been, even before you were gifted with the body you are currently living in.

You don't have to believe it.

Somethings are true whether you believe it or not. Belief is not a pre-requisite of hearing the truth.

Have you ever experienced death?

I have from a few different perspectives.

I have been the one to die, and I have been there at the time of someone else's death.

Both perspectives are highly enlightening, but both are learning experiences that either make you or break you. I chose to be one who was made better, fortified, made stronger by the experience.

Open your eyes... No, I don't mean the soft jelly-filled balls in the sockets beneath your brow.

When you no longer have eyes, how will you see?

When you are without a body, how do you look?

It's really so simple that it seems complex.

If you are able to view yourself as a pilot who is operating a masterfully designed piece of machinery, the concept is not very difficult to grasp at all.

Are you ready for a secret?

There is no such thing as death, at least not the way the overwhelming majority of us see it.

There is only LIFE... MORE LIFE. There is only a transition from one plane of existence to the next.

If you choose to believe that there was no life before you were born and that there will be no life after "death"... Boy, won't you be surprised? The life you are now living probably lacks the luster that a healthy dose of belief in your own existence would bring to your life.

Are you ready for another secret?

Death is a choice...

It is a conscious decision to disbelieve in the continuance of life.

Those that believe that their existence ends here, consciously commit to being nothing more than a memory.

I personally choose to believe in life, that it begins and it never ends which in turn amplifies my ability to choose my own paths in life. It gives me the fuel and the courage I need to live in this form of existence. Knowing that I am here to prepare for my next journey excites me beyond belief.

Come on my fellow travelers... Let's live forever...Let's not die.

Stop teaching your children that they need to fear your absence.

Give them the power that they will need to live without the constant reassurance of seeing you every day. One day your body will no longer be here to be soaked up by the eyes. You will go forth onto your next journey wherever that may be.

Will you leave your footprints in the sand to be washed away by the tides never to be seen again, or will you leave your footprints in the rock?

Be You...




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