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The Art of Being

Updated: May 5, 2020

When we are born, we just kind of grow up. We are influenced by the world around us. The nature of those influences helps to shape who we will become.

Have you ever just stopped and thought, “Who would I be if I was allowed to just be me?”. I don’t know about you guys, but I did. I thought about all the experiences I’ve had in my life both positive and negative and the long-lasting effect those experiences had on the woman I am today.

When I embarked on my artistic journey, I made a vow to be myself. No matter if people like me or not, no matter if people agree with my thoughts, my feelings, or my opinions, I will be me.

I made a commitment to embolden my every step and not be afraid of looking absolutely ridiculous. I found that child within me, the purest part of myself that was reprimanded to the corner with commandments like, “Grow up!”, “You’re too old for that.”

When I did that, my world opened back up again. The light in my eyes and in my soul returned. I realized that art is not only what you can paint on a canvas or draw on a page. There is an art to being... Just being who we are.

Be you! Be soul happy!

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