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Soul So Happy?

One day in a tiny little room on West 99th St in New York City, I conceptualized Soul So Happy. It was not what most would consider a happy time in my life. My mother, who was the glue that kept my family together, had passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer, my father had some years before she passed away, and my stepfather, who raised me, also had gone. My family was doing our best to hold it down, but we were divided for this reason or that. It was a time where I felt the most alone. I had family who cared and solid friends, but somehow it wasn't enough. There was a piece that had torn away from the fabric of my existence that was irretrievable. I began to learn what Soul Happiness was. I want to explain to all who desire to understand what being soul so happy truly means to me.

It doesn't mean that everything is sunshine and rainbows, and everything is right with the world. All is dandy. It means that it rains piss, and it hails shit sometimes. It means that all is not right with the world, and people are losing control of their emotions and minds. It means that nothing is normal. However, in the darkness that exists in this world, there is also light. That light is within us and without us. Being Soul So Happy means that I am winning the battle to hold on to my light. No matter what happens to me, I will hold fast to that light no matter the trial. I will be around the ones that are winning the same battle, those that add to my light, and I in return, add to theirs. My Soul So Happy Soldiers!!! If you are subtracting from my life force, we are not battle buddies. I won't keep company with you.

Black is my favorite shade. I splash my canvases with it and bring out all the colors that dwell within it to keep it company. Out of black comes all the colors. From the darkness can be extracted so much light. How can light be seen without the dark, and how can the darkness know its depth without the light? This is the nature of our lives, darkness, and light.

I am not afraid of the dark. I find my light in it! Become! Let our colors out, shine our light even if it is as dim as the furthest star in the night sky. That light is still ours. Guard your soul happiness as if it is the last light left in a world of darkness.

#be #atpeace #be #soulsohappy

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