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Friends At First Sight

Walk and talk with me for a moment

Not like someone in the back of whose mind keeps reservations on what they will say

Walk with me and talk for a moment

Can you be real with yourself and not put up a front

Can you tell me a secret or two and I will tell you some

Make a moment last forever and have a conversation as one

I’m saying, a talk that forges a connection

Can we be friends at first sight

A bond that is pure and natural like what you see happen when children are at play

An instant friendship they made at the park one day

Let’s let the mask that we use to cover the mask underneath come off our faces

Without having to ask

These days it seems too much

Too much to say, without saying anything at all

Out of the mouths or off the fingertips

Dummy words fall

Fake, false, joker poker faces

The people you thought you knew

Mannequins have taken their places

I’m just looking for authenticity

That thing that’s real

In true friends you’ll only see

Coming from a person who has a family

Family who are not my friends

More friends that are my family

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