About Me

N'jeri Binta, a native of Queens, NY has always been a highly creative individual. The culmination of her life experiences, both positive and negative inspired a gift that laid dormant all of her life. When she lost her last parent, her mother, to breast cancer, she found herself facing one of the biggest challenges of her adult life. She was in the world without both of her parents, her deepest confidants, her guides, her friends.


N'jeri found that pouring herself out onto the canvas brought to her life a certain calm, stillness, and relief during the process of mending her heart.

Something then happened that she did not expect...


As she visually absorbed what was inspired to come to life on her pages and canvases without forethought, without a plan, she could see herself as not just a body feeling pain rather as a whimsically wonderful soul, whose primary task is being. 


N'jeri realized that it is her purpose to inspire others to contemplate the positive and negative in life, to realize and help people remember that the biggest gift that we could have possibly received is life. It is okay to be who you are, and touch the childlike happiness. You know, those years before we knew anything about fear and doubt. Her work beacons observation of one's heart, open-mindedness, and soul happiness to any who would like to receive it.


"Everyone views my pieces with their unique perspectives. I can't wait to see things from another person's point of view. It adds to the beauty of life."

"Be Soul So Happy!"


-N'jeri Binta   -Artist/Illustrator/WoW at Soul So Happy Studio


"Out of the of darkness and into the light rises Njeri Binta, always striving to live up to her name, faith in action. Her artwork is an inspiration and culmination of her life's joys and tribulations, sprouting from it a world that enchants the viewer into pure bliss.


Delicate as silk, bonafide as the sun, she takes her first steps into the world to spread happiness to everyone. What you have stumbled upon my dear friend is a jewel that shines brightly, the glimmer of gold transmuted from lead, this is Njeri Binta."


-Muhammed Abdul-Ghaffar    -Artist/Illustrator